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Known internationally as “The Trader Wizard”, Bill Cara is a highly regarded capital markets professional with over 35 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience in the Canadian and Bahamas securities industries. He has earned Hon. BA (Bus.) and MBA degrees, plus CA and CMA professional accounting designations. He was co-founder and Responsible Person for the initial Canaccord Capital office in eastern Canada, and co-founder, system designer and Responsible Person for the start-up of Qtrade Investor, the electronic broker rated #1 by Canada’s Report On Business.

In the past year, more than 300,000 readers in 140 countries have visited his blog for daily reports, market commentary and discussion. Named the Forbes magazine “Favorite Trading Blog”, his blog has received accolades from Barron’s, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal.

Bill was called as an expert witness by the Canadian Securities Administrators at a forum on electronic trading brokerage and also by the Senate of Canada Banking Committee Task Force on the future of Canada’s financial services industry. The Government of Canada invited Bill to speak with Canada’s trade commissioner in three Asian countries. He has been a member of the Government of Ontario Task Force that reviewed the operations of the Canadian unlisted securities market, now operated by the Toronto Stock Exchange. He supported non-profit, non-governmental organizations committed to the United Nations Global Compact for Third World economic sustainability.

As founder, owner and President of Cara Trading Advisors Ltd., Bill exclusively manages client accounts dedicated to junior mines and exploration stocks. The company enjoys an international clientele.

Bill is Chairman and Executive Director of Greenfield Mining Capital Inc., a professional consulting services firm intended to serve the boards of directors, management, and investors of small metals and minerals exploration companies. Greenfield’s services may also be of interest to government agencies, funds, broker-dealers, investment advisors, and high net worth individuals.

ADVFN publishes a Kindle edition of Bill Cara’s book Lessons From The Trader Wizard.

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