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Saqib “Zak” Mir was born in Glasgow, Scotland to Pakistani immigrant Doctor parents in 1966. The family moved to London in the early 1970s and Zak attended prep school and then Harrow from 1980- 1984, which was distinguished only by winning the General Knowledge Prize in 1980. Successful A Level retakes following Harrow gave him the chance to be one of the few people in the world to fail interviews for Oxford (twice), Cambridge and Harvard, although he did subsequently get the chance turn down reading Theology at Oxford. There were then a few weeks at the LSE before the international airport (the run up to the Gaddafi era) atmosphere persuaded him to enter the City. From the early 1990s Zak was a derivatives broker at various companies such as Sucden, Union Cal (later part of Man Group) and Berkeley Futures.

From 2000 the opportunities afforded by the internet and the growth of Technical Analysis led to Zak being Shares Magazine’s first Technical Editor, while in the meantime providing content to now defunct dot-coms such as and

In 2001 Zak teamed up with Tom “Show Me The Money” Winnifrith and his to found, and provides white label research to some of the City of London’s largest retail brokers via Brand Communications (

Zak is now a Senior Analyst at the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (

He is the author of several books for ADVFN, and writes for their online newspaper. He also writes for a premium blog service on ADVFN, Zak Mir’s AIM Stock Charting.

Zak is married with three children and lives in Pamplona, Spain.

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101 Charts Lessons for 2013
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