Lessons From The
Financial Markets
For 2013

by Zak Mir

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Lessons From The Financial Markets For 2013 by Zak Mir

ADVFN Books’ latest digital release Lessons From the Financial Markets for 2013 is the must-have guide for investors and anyone with an interest in how the world really works.

By renowned investment author and legendary chartist Zak Mir, Lessons provides an essential summary of all the best market action seen over the last 12 months, while also helping you – the private investor – in making the best investment choices possible, now and in the future.

Read all about the excitement, suspense and gloom that characterised the torrid financial markets in 2012.

Banks, major indices, commodities, and companies including Facebook, Apple and Google are all examined by Mir’s expert analysis.

Zak Mir was the first to bring charting to the UK market in the 1990s. In this, his second book, he aims to inform and help the ordinary private investor as they navigate the complex world of financial markets.

The Lessons are a rich mixture of psychological and strategic evaluation, high grade technical analysis, and emotional insight, as well as conferring upon the reader the ability to predict what will happen next for a stock/market by divining their own mindset.

This book is dedicated to all those who over the past year believed in the Eurozone breaking up, Grexit, and Spexit. They did not listen to Mario Draghi telling them not to go short of the Euro, and were at first too fearful of the fiscal cliff and then too complacent. They thought Gold would break $2000 plus, that buying Apple one year after Steve Jobs died was a good idea, and tried to work out the economic consequences of a Mitt Romney election win?!

At the same time Lessons is a tribute to all of those who got these calls right in 2012, and the foundation to deploy the correct strategy in the markets for whatever 2013 may bring.

Lessons From The Financial Markets For 2013 is exactly what is needed as we enter the unknown world of 2013.

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