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101 Charts for Trading Success by Zak Mir

Using insider knowledge to reveal the tricks of the trade, Zak Mir’s 101 Charts for Trading Success is the essential guide that explains the most complex set ups in the market.

Charting provides a clear way of predicting price action and hence gaining riches. How to spot a takeover target, a profits warning, the trading traps, bread and butter cash making catalysts and gifts.

Executed correctly using Zak’s methods, charting is a way of delivering high probability percentage trades and investments that remove the task of trawling through company accounts, financial ratios, and interviewing megalomaniac CEOs. Reading the message of the price action shown by the charts gives you a basis to predict where the stock market may be going and what traders are thinking.

Detailing over 80 stock market events 101 Charts will show you what to look for when you make your day-to-day trading decisions; a must for all future investment millionaires.

As the first person to bring charting to the UK, Zak reveals the tricks of the trade and explains the most complex set ups in the market. He combines his pioneering technical analysis methods with economic and political insight “written in the charts”.

While the world currently mulls over whether China is to experience a hard or soft landing Zak had already directly compared the crash of the Nikkei in Japan in 1990 with the Chinese bubble bursting, the ever disastrous consequences of the banking bailouts of 2007-8, the likely folly of Sovereign Debt bailouts since then and the way due democratic process was flaunted in autocratic style and likely to achieve the type of two decade bear market that Japan has suffered in the West.

There is also the novelty of looking at events such as the Crash of 1929 and the London stock market following the Oil Crisis of 1973 via cutting edge charting techniques as well as the best call on the path of equities over the next few years.

In 101 Charts we find out whether there was a conspiracy in the markets associated with the run up to 9/11, how Gordon Brown could have used charting techniques to avoid selling the UK's Gold Reserves at the bottom, and how investors could have got on the back of Apple just before it started a rally that was to make it the largest company by market capitalisation in the world.

101 Charts for Trading Success is an easy to understand, illustrated and essential guide.

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