Maximising Individual Wealth

by William Houston

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Maximising Individual Walth by William Houston

Change is coming. A constructive dynamic wind over the next decade will devastate the state superstructure worldwide. We will enter a new Digital Era which will affect everything: jobs, politics, education, welfare…

The change will be driven by two powerful forces: the mountain of debt and new, innovative technology.

Maximising Individual Wealth sets out how individuals can survive the coming changes, and how they can manage their career and their wealth. It also describes how the no-longer-affordable welfare state will have to be restructured in order to help those who can’t manage society’s changes on their own.

With the world suffering some of the greatest natural and man-made imbalances ever, the result is a watershed in global affairs that has not been present for centuries. These events are driving many people in the Western World into a sense of despair that is endangering their jobs, homes, savings and pensions.

However, through the manageable darkness will emerge the Digital Age when every person will have the possibility of having the dignity of making their own contribution.

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