Trade Financial Markets
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by Simon Watkins

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Trade Financial Markets Like The Pros by Simon Watkins

There has never been a more difficult time to make money from trading the markets than now. All of the long-standing foundation stones of the global financial system are in a state of flux: engines of growth, monetary policies and the correlation dynamics between asset classes.

Additionally, each of the four core regional growth engines around the world – the US, the Eurozone, China and Japan – face their own sets of problems, undermining the historic relationships between stocks, bonds and currencies even further.

Given this backdrop, it is more important than ever that traders manage and exploit the few remaining factors in global markets that hold good. This is what this book is about: knowing what these are, exploiting them and banking the profits in a risk/reward efficient manner.

Fully illustrated with detailed charts, Trade Financial Markets Like The Pros covers how to balance risk against reward, how to search out correlations between asset classes that offer trading opportunities, and the major factors that could continue to twist financial markets into wildly contradictory modes. It also gives a refresher course in technical analysis and the full range of hedging techniques, including options, to offset possible losses.

Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out, the information in this book offers you strategies to become one of the winners in the financial markets, and to avoid risking catastrophic losses.

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