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by Clem Chambers

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ADVFN's Be Rich by Clem Chambers

Books that tell you how you could have done well in the past with the power of hindsight are useless. How about a real live fire demonstration of how to make money investing in the stock market? Clem Chambers takes you through a year of building a portfolio, with real money and costs. It is a one year, no gimmicks ride on the rollercoaster of investing which ends with a fat profit.

Be Rich is an adventure in investing. Read it before you set out on your own.

Investing is easy – when you know what you are doing. Otherwise, it’s hard, and risky. For a new investor, “playing” the stock market can be a huge and often costly learning curve. How to climb it? This book takes you up that mountain.

Over the course of a year, Clem Chambers built a contrarian value investing portfolio from scratch and chronicled his investing choices, sharing them with subscribers to his newsletter. The portfolios earned him a 25% return.

Now you can benefit from that expertise, see the process and experience the ride – the whole process laid bare.

Clem explains the strategies he uses as he builds the portfolio, sharing the highs and the lows: sometimes the market makes him look like a fool, sometimes a genius, but over the year the market pays out because it is no one decision or one market trend that makes for successful investing but a consistent approach that delivers profits.

Be Rich will show you the way.

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