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Jacob Rees-Mogg MP: “Bill’s knowledge of economic, political and climate history makes his work fascinating reading. It is fundamentally well informed and will be important in dealing with the challenges of the next decade.”

Dr Lacy Hunt, chief economist of Hoisington Investment Management: “A Great Report.”

Dr Marc Faber Author of the Doom Gloom and Boom Report: “An Excellent Summary of the present position.”

Simon Hunt, international consultant: “I love the way (Bill) has fused geopolitics and climatic changes with economics. This is hardly ever done but results in the real story of what will emerge from today’s mess and fictionalised economic data from Washington...”

Robin Griffiths, Chief Strategist of the ECU Group and former chairman of the International Society of Technical Analysts: “William Houston is a master at seeing the relevance of the lessons of history to the present day problems. His previous books have been full of predictions of developments that have now become reality. He is now able to set out a teaching course to help the world pull out of the problems it has gotten into. This instruction will be of interest to all who hope to survive the bear market.”

Stephen Lewis, Chief Economist of ADM Investor Services International: “William Houston has for long analysed the cycles that govern both natural phenomena and human behaviour. These studies allow him special insight into forces of history that today’s policymakers find baffling. The sluggishness of economic growth in the wake of the global financial crisis, the seemingly inexorable rise in government indebtedness, and the spread of conflicts through large swathes of Asia and Africa can all be explained in terms of regular historical processes. William Houston is no gloom-and-doom pessimist, however. He is able to define the conditions that would need to be satisfied to usher in a more hopeful age for all of us. Though some of these conditions would call for radical changes in the way the state and society are organised, none of them is impossible to fulfil. All those with responsibility for management, whether of government programmes, corporate affairs or personal investments should heed his wise advice.”

George Touzenis, diplomat: “In the middle of a general cacophony, where incompetent politicians and bankers, uneducated civil servants, political marketing advisers and spin doctors, take yesterday’s decisions for tomorrow’s problems, your well researched and solidly argued document should be on every politician’s table. You rightly expose, with clear evidence and historical hindsight, the many dangers facing us and present the solutions you think right and efficient. It needs a long term policy and determined public and private decision makers to succeed. Your contribution is even more welcome and topical, given the present state of the EU and the Western bloc.”

Reviews of William Houston's previous books:

“Houston’s work is fascinating.”

Daily Mail

“The Chancellor of the Exchequer might well be advised to lay aside his Treasury briefing paper to read Meltdown – the book describes a chilling scenario of worldwide financial collapse, and also functions as a manual to take advantage of the ensuing opportunities.”

The Times

“William Houston is prepared to be unorthodox and that is important when the green shoots of conventional economic wisdom have proved so misleading.”

Financial Times

“I advise all those interested in the future to read Riding the Business Cycle.”

Lord Rees-Mogg

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