Trading Cryptocurrencies: A Beginner’s
Guide – Bitcoin,
Ethereum, Litecoin

by Clem Chambers

Available now in paperback and for the Kindle, iPad and Kobo
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Trading Cryptocurrencies: A Beginner’s Guide by Clem Chambers


“Clem re-skins classic trading strategies for the cryptocurrency age. A new game is in town. A must-read for everyone who wants to have their finger on the pulse and see how money is being made now.”

Alpesh Patel

“A great guide to trading a crazy market.”

Robbie Burns

“This is an invaluable ‘how to’ for anyone looking to enter into the exciting world of cyrptocurrencies trading. It’s a truly warts and all guide explaining and demonstrating numerous techniques and ideas for actually making money in this high risk, high reward environment.”

“When you’re in the Wild West you need to know who sells the best guns and who the good guys are. You also need a good horse. Clem Chambers’ handy and timely book is all of those things when it comes to the tools of the trade for would-be crypto traders. In a red-hot market that won’t last forever, and with fortunes to be made by those who know their way around the canyons and plains, knowing how to capture the spread, arbitrage exchanges and deploy effective criteria to judge which coins will fly and which will die, this is an essential handbook for those seeking to profit from the future of money. Chambers’ killer insight is invaluable: in the analogue world the brokers and exchanges make the market by buying low and selling high; in cryptoland everyone can be their own broker. We can all see the order book and ‘capture the spread’, it just takes practice and experience. You also learn how to mine digital gold ‘in them there hills’ – actually on your laptop, which is a great way to earn while you do the hands-on learning about how cryptocurrencies works.”

Gary McFarlane, cryptocurrency writer at Money Observer

“Trading any form of cryptocurrency is not for the faint hearted. Nevertheless this is a useful book which is both an introduction to the topic and a guide as to what to do if you insist on proceeding.”

Charles Brett, Enterprise Times

“If you’re itching to get in on the cryptocurrency mania and don’t have enough capital to trade in either of the two new futures markets, Clem Chambers’ book is a useful how-to manual… traders who want to get on the bandwagon should do their homework. Chambers has made that task a lot easier.”

Brenda Jubin, Value Walk

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